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Buying rum without taxes in the Duty Free shops of the Nairobi airport is equivalent to acquiring top brands of rum with the best possible price. Rum-loving travellers passing through Nairobi are in luck, as Duty Free stores offer an excellent selection of top-quality rum bottles with which you can make your favourite cocktails. Save money thanks to the exemption of alcohol taxes by buying rum online through our website.

Within the alcoholic beverages section of the Nairobi Duty Free shops, we have brands of rum such as Bacardi, Cacique, Brugal or Havana Club. Do not miss the opportunity to buy tax free rum at the airport to enjoy this ancient drink without spending a lot of money. Whatever your favourite rum is, at the Duty Free stores you will find the bottle that best suits your tastes.

You can order tax free rum online at the Duty Free stores and pick up your purchase at the Nairobi airport thanks to the Reserve & Collect service. On the day of your flight, you can pick up your order at any of our Pick Up Points. Save money and time buying your bottles of rum with the most competitive price in Duty Free stores!